Hi, I have a question. Given the issues I have been having with stretching the cable to read cadence I would probably use this set up which I hope you can validate: I can officially confirm that Suunto Movestick mini works with Garmin xt watch. Very much enjoy reading the site. Greetings from Norway and thank you for the tip. It has been a few months since you last commented on it! Of course you’re not.

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Connecting ANT+ Devices

I end up keeping my stick unplugged until I need it, but this might help narrow down the problem. No shifting or manually adjusting the resistance of your trainer is required.

I bought one of tsick recently, particularly as your review was so good. Or even better, connect devices to the phone and then have garmin ant stick phone connect to the computer via bluetooth? Greetings from Norway and thank you for the tip. May 17, at 6: Garmin ant stick stifk, at 1: They are even numbered with dots one dot, two dots.

Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back. Click above for all the details. I wrote a review of it here. Alternatively i might put garmin ant stick suunto on the end of one of garmim active extension cables and bring it closer to the bike itself.

February 7, at 8: Sorry if this is a silly question, but…. Looking for the equipment I use day to day?

And no driver can be found. There is likely a system level problem keeping you from installing the drivers for the USB stick.

When you say not working with cadence sensor — which application are you using? Anyone have problems with this not working? New and improved USB2 has the ability to transmit data on 8 channels. And does anybody like it? Hi, Garmin got his own mini stick right now: I have been garmin ant stick to get this to work. January 16, at 6: Garmin ant stick 24, at 3: That includes plane flights, to and from work, and all assortment of wanderings around town.

That has the driver package as part of it, and is pretty tiny. I have just got a Garmin second-hand, and it works perfectly, but there was no ANT stick. garmin ant stick

A much better USB ANT+ stick for your Garmin Forerunner…by Suunto | DC Rainmaker

Using ANT Agent 2. The problem has been going garmim for awhile with no word from Garmin. I gave it a shot Tim, but Windows keeps determining that the drivers are up to date. October 26, at 9: In the image below, the dark triangle in the toolbar means that Garmin Express is working in the garmin ant stick.

The ANT Agent recongnizes the stick as plugged in, so I would expect to see it bubbling if it were having an issue. March 15, at